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The Rachael Neiman Experience is a journey through the weird and wonderful world of underground music, featuring a wide range of styles including lo-fi, tweecore, bubblegum, Norwichcore, antifolk, electropop, riot grrrl, noise pop, indiepop, noisy electronica, scary noise and much much more from around the world. In fact, to try and write down all the styles of music you might hear in any one instalment of The Rachael Neiman Experience would be a futile exercise, but every song is guaranteed 100% genius and nothing we play can ever be described as dull or generic, only the finest, freshest, occasionally oddest choice cuts for my listeners. All interspersed with some of the rambliest links to be heard, er, anywhere and more fascinating facts about featured artists and labels than you can shake a metaphorical stick at.

The Rachael Neiman Experience began as a weekly 2-hour show on Lancaster's student radio station Bailrigg FM in the spring of 2004, playing fabulous under-appreciated music to largely disinterested students. In the winter of 2004 Adam began producing the show and soon exciting things started to happen, because Bailrigg broadcast online we were able to reach a much larger listenership than we’d imagined possible who were really passionate about the music we played. During our time at Bailrigg we were lucky enough to get sessions from the likes of Persil, Decoration, Being 747, Pocket Gods and Spinmaster Plantpot and interviews from the likes of Bearsuit, Magoo, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Das Wanderlust, The Bobby McGee’s, Envelopes, Vichy Government, Caroline Martin, Chips for the Poor, Look Look (Dancing Boys), Filthy Pedro, Le Tetsuo, Jesus Licks, Tiger MCs and many more and have been lucky enough to have special co-hosts (Listen With) Sarah and Peter Nelson, and Big Block 454.

In the summer of 2005, following an inspirational trip to Norwich to make a documentary on the subject of Norwichcore, we decided to set up Cherryade, a tiny label with big ambitions which has been lucky enough to have been allowed to release music by Steveless, Bobby McGee's and Forest Giants, with planned releases from Listen With Sarah and Tiger MCs, and our second Christmas compilation A Very Cherry Christmas vol. 2 on the way.

This is all fuelled by our love of new, exciting, passionate and often downright odd music by talented individuals from all over the globe, we love championing unsigned bands and bands on tiny labels and always want to hear more, I think we’re living through possibly the most amazing and exciting era for new music, we fall in love with a new band nearly every day, and the great thing is knowing that there are always more out there just waiting to be discovered! That’s really the motivation for all we do, hearing amazing music for the first time and wanting to share it with as many people as possible!

We joined Dandelion Radio in August 2006 and are proud to be involved in such a fine station.

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If you are a solo artist, or are in a band or run a label and would like to send us your music then please do, we love hearing new music and listen to every demo we receive, we are always looking for new and exciting music to play on the show, and if we like it it is guaranteed to be played!

Please send demos to


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If you'd like to know when new shows are availbable to download or stream on Cherryade or Dandelion Radio, or want other details about the show, please send an email to us and we'll keep you informed!


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