It's finally here! Santa's been working extra hard to make sure A Very Cherry Christmas volume 9 is ready in time for December, so find out all the details about our new festive CD on the sales page!

In other good news, following a huge clean-out of our offices we've come across the 15 final CD copies of the first Steveless album, Popular Music In Theory, so if you want to make this Christmas an extra special one we recommend you rush over to grab a copy of this nearly sold-out collector's item!



Wow, it's been a good long while since we've given you a Cherryade update, hasn't it? How are you all? We hope we haven't worried any of you with this rather extended period of silence, but no fear - if there's one time of the year when Cherryade is guaranteed not to be hibernating for it's during the run-up to Christmas! That's right, we will soon be announcing the details of our much asked about 9th (!) edition of A Very Cherry Christmas. This year's edition is looking to be a bumper-filled feast of festive offerings and we're already excited by all of the bands we've got lined up! But - you'll have to wait a little yet for all the details to follow...

Speaking of Christmas CDs, we are sold out of A Very Cherry Christmas volume 6 (some of you - quite rightly - know they sound good all year round!) but there still a handful of copies left of our two most recent editions if you want to be assured of getting hold of one before this Christmas. And, on the same note, we are no longer selling any 7" singles by The Lovely Eggs, having shifted all our copies online. If you're desperate for their singles and Holly & David aren't coming to play near you any time soon, you should be able to order one from their own website - message the band if one of the Cherryade-released singles appears out of stock and they should be able to help you out.

And now might be a good time to point out that we have have only two copies left of the Eggs' first album If You Were Fruit - we are going to sell these on a first come first served basis, but you will not be allowed to order more than one copy. This is your last chance, Cherryaders!



A Very Cherry Christmas 8 is released officially today but we've already sold half the copies of the album! It's worth mentioning that we can only be confident that it will arrive with you if you place your order before this weekend (i.e. before Monday 17th December). although at the rate they're selling you'll need to pick one up quickly to guarantee getting one at all!



It's finally December, which means it's finally time for Cherryade to announce our eighth annual Christmas album! It really wouldn't be a true Christmas without it by now, and we know many of you have been nearvously wondering whether there'd be one on the 2012 horizon - well fear not, A Very Cherry Christmas Volume 8 is finally here and will be released on 10th December - but since we only have 100 copies pressed, you might want to pre-order it now!



The Lovely Eggs are back! The band have a new album and single out, on their own Egg Records, which are available from them on their website - you can also get them if you catch them live, so check their site for those all-important gig dates too!



It's time to announce the arrival of the new album by the mighty Ste McCabe on Cherryade this October! Ste's third full-length, Bad Kitty, is due out on 29/10/12 but is available to pre-order now from this website - find out more details, including new tour dates for Ste, over here!



Sadly we have sold out of The Lovely Eggs album, If You Were Fruit - thanks to everyone that has been buying them so zealously the last few years! You can still get hold of the band's second album, Cob Dominos, on the sales page though - why don't you pop along if you haven't already!



The new Lovely Eggs single is released today! "Food" follows on from "Allergies", released on Too Pure earlier this year, and continues in the same vein of off-kilter power-pop madness the Eggs are so brilliant at. Find out more about the single here, and check if the band are playing near you on their website!



The last date for posting overseas before Christmas has passed so if you've ordered since last week your CDs may arrive after the 25th - but don't worry, they still sound great any time of the year! The last day for Christmas posting within the UK is Tuesday 20th, so if you want to make sure the Christmas CDs arrive before you open the rest of your presents you'll have to order them before then!



The pre-orders for AVCC7 are pouring in as are the orders for other Cherryade releases perfect for all your Christmas stockings - in fact, we've had to reprint Cob Dominos to cope with the demand, so if you notice a slight delay in the Lovely Eggs album arriving it's because we've just received them ourselves.

And if your thirst for new Cherryade releases hasn't been quenched yet, then good news - we are releasing the new EP by Boston/London indie pop starlets hearts!attack through the website as well! You may remember the band from their wonderful contribution to A Very Cherry Christmas 5; well this time they're back with a new EP which you can find out about here.



It's that time of the year when we at Cherryade get out the festive lights and put the order in for mince pies - and what could possibly get you in the mood for Christmas than with a new edition of A Very Cherry Christmas? Yes, volume 7 is on it's way, featuring another batch of indiepop delights destined to find a warm place in your hearts! Find out more details of A Very Cherry Christmas 7 here.



Hot on the heels of their latest Cherryade release, "Panic Plants", The Lovely Eggs are also releasing a new single for legendary label Too Pure as part of their singles club - "Allergies", which will be released on the 5th of December. What's more, it has been nominated for inclusion on BBC 6 Music's Playlist courtesey of Steve Lamacq, and you can vote for it to be playlisted for a whole week over here - or simply by sending an email to Lammo with the subject The Lovely Eggs - the band would really appreciate your support!



The Lovely Eggs are back with a brand new seven-inch, Panic Plants, the third single to be taken from their second album Cob Dominos. Back with three (!) new B-sides, the single is set for release on Monday 31st October, but is available to pre-order now! Find out all the details here.



The new Lovely Eggs single was released yesterday and the orders are being sent off this week - you eager beavers should get them some time early next week. If you haven't picked up a copy already, well, there aren't many left so check out the details here!



The Hug Party CD is officially out today! Check it out here if you haven't already.

The Lovely Eggs are off on tour to promote their new single, and considering their last tour sold out most shows you might want to get a ticket in advance to guarantee seeing them! You can catch them at the following places:

Thurs May 19th The Donkey, Leiceter
Fri May 20th The Albert, Brixton, London
Sat May 21st The Cavern, Exeter
Sun May 22nd The Horse and Groom, Brighton
Mon May 23rd The Chameleon, Nottingham
Tues May 24th Limbo @ The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Weds May 25th Bitterscene @ Bassment, Chelmsford
Thurs May 26th The Fox and Newt, Leeds
Fri May 27th The Basement, York
Sat May 28th The Adelphi, Hull
Sun May 29th The Yorkshire House, Lancaster
Tues May 31st The Scala (With Half Japanese), London
Weds June 1st The NIght and Day, Manchester



Can you believe it's time to announce our fourtieth release on Cherryade? Who ever would have thought we'd make it this far? And what better way to celebrate than with the announcement of the debut album of Manchester's finest purveyors of queer 'hip-pop', Hug Party! Life Is Good will be released on Monday May 16th, on limited-edition CD and as a digital download from all good online stores - find out more information about the band here and check out the CD over here.

And, as if that weren't enough, we are thrilled to follow that up with the brand new single by Cherryade darlings The Lovely Eggs! "Fuck It", taken from the band's widely-adored second album Cob Dominos, is set for release on May 30th, and will be available as a delicious 7" single, as well as digitally as a download, along with B-sides "Watermelons", also taken from their recent album, and new song "Band On The Sand"; considering that The Lovely Eggs' last two singles have sold out swiftly, we recommend pre-ordering the seven-inch before the release date to guarantee a copy here.



So, sooner rather than later, we've sold out of "Don't Look At Me" and it is no longer available from the site - you might still be able to get the last remaning copies at the band from gigs though! Our apologies for the delay in sending them out, we ran out of the fifty the band gave us long before the release date and have had to wait for more to arrive - which they have today, so if you've placed an order any time in February it will be in the post today. Thanks for your patience Cherryaders!



We've continued to be innudated with orders for the new Lovely Eggs single and have run out of the fifty we've been given by the band - don't worry if you've already ordered, you will definitely get your copy (or copies!) - but there will be a small delay in it being posted if you ordered after the release date as we wait for more copies from Holly and David. This does mean, however, that we won't be selling them for much longer as the band have been shifting them quickly on tour as well, so if you want to guarantee getting one you will need to order now before we take the sales link down shortly. You find can out more details here!



New Lovely Eggs single officially released today! For those of you that have already pre-ordered, the CDs will be in the post this week, we've been watiting for the album to arrive so we can send them out together; for those of you that still haven't bought one of the super-limited CDs, check out what people have been saying about the single!



Welcome back Cherryaders! Hope you all had a good New Year - and what better way to kick off 2011 with the eagerly-anticipated release of The Lovely Eggs' second album, Cob Dominos! Following on from the great acclaim of their debut If You Were Fruit, released in 2009 on Cherryade, the Eggs have done it again, delivering a follow-up as brilliantly addictive and as deliriously odd as anything you could imagine! The CD is set for release on February 14th 2011 (but is available to pre-order here now) and will as usual be available in all good record shops and digitally online, distributed through Cargo.

It will be preceded by the single "Don't Look At Me (I Don't Like It)", which is set for release on January 31st as a digital download from iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, and all other good online stores. And as a special bonus for all you Eggs devotees, we are releasing a special CD of the single with two extra songs on this website, but only 100 copies will be available so we recommend you order one as quickly as possible, seeing as the band's last single sold out before the release date! You can also watch the offical video for the single - starring legendary comedian John Shuttleworth - over here.

On another Lovely Eggs-related note, we are sold out of the band's first EP, "Have You Ever Heard The Lovely Eggs?"; it is still available as a download online, but if you really wanted a seven-inch the band still have around a dozen copies to sell at gigs, so keep an eye out if you get to see them live! Speaking of which, the band are touring around Europe this February in support of the album, so check out The Lovely Eggs MySpace page to find out where they're playing near you!


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