Other labels we like


Here you'll find brief histories and discographies of just some of the lovely people who put in the time and money to bring little doses of vinyl, cd and digital download goodness into our lives. People who help great bands get heard often for little or no monetary recompense, but for the satisfaction of sharing the music they love with the world. These are all independent labels and all deserve your support.

Having recently become the proud owner of my own label (click here to find out about Cherryade and its releases), I can really appreciate what a lot of work it is but also how rewarding it can be.

If there are any other labels you think should be added to this list then please, please, please let me know by emailing me at rachael@cherryademusic.co.uk and we’ll check them out.


Action Records

Action Records has been for over 25 years one of the finest independent record shops in the North-West of England. It's excellent online shop and mail order service has even meant that it’s become a primary supplier of music from bands and labels from all over the UK and abroad; in fact, it probably ranks amongst the 5 favourite record shops for fans of independent music and bands alike. Action Records has also been involved in releasing records by a selection of fine artists for the last five years.

Artists who’ve released on Action Records include The Fall, Tompaulin, Monkey Steals the Drum and Filo Radio.



Fine Spanish record label who also sell a selection of cult books. They have an impressive roster of artists including their newest signing ex-Hefner legend Darren Hayman.

Artists who’ve appeared on this label include Darren Hayman, Damon and Naomi, Zephyrs and Xiu Xiu.


Angular Records

Fashionable London-based label responsible for releasing the hip New Cross compilations bringing together a selection of the artists inhabiting the UK indie media’s current favourite London borough.

Artists who’ve appeared on Angular Recordings include Long Blondes, Vichy Government and the Violets.



Label run by Creation legends The Telescopes, consistent with their dreamy, spaced out noisecore.

Artists who've appeared on Antenna Records include The Telescopes, Fuxa and Los Planetos del Agua.


Arena Rock

Excellent US label set up in NYC in the mid 1990s and now based in Oregon and with an impressive roster of bands from around the world to its name.

Artists who've appeared on Arena Rock include Pilot to Gunner, Solex and Swords.


Awkward Records

Don’t know much about this label to be honest, but if you visit their website you might be able to get your mitts on an increasingly rare copy of Grandmaster Gareth's debut album Minute Melodies and his Peel session Monster Melody.

Artists who've appeared on Awkward Records include Grandmaster Gareth.


Booby Trap

Fine Welsh label run by One Music DJ Huw Stevens, particularly known for the Booby Trap singles club.

Artists who’ve released material on Booby Trap include Martini Henry Rifles, Sammo Hung, JT Mouse, Johnny Boy, Teflon Monkey and Tommy and the Chauffeur.


Brainlove Records

An extension of the longrunning magazine, Brainlove Records was started in 2003 by John Brainlove with a determination to deliver something more original and inspiring than the nondescript mass of CDs they felt they were getting through the post.

Band that have appeared on Brainlove Records include Applicants, Ex-Rental, Formula Bone, Kawaii, Misty's Big Adventure, Napoleon IIIrd and Pram.


Captains Of Industry

A label founded on the ethics of punk, and featuring a free internet radio station.

Artists that have appeared on Captains of Industry include 21 Gun Salute, Gay for Johnny Depp and We Will Be Pilots.


Chemical Underground

Stalwarts well-known for putting out the cream of Scottish talent.

Artists who've appeared on Chemical Underground include Mogwai, Arab Strap, Magoo, Bis, Delgados, Aereogramme, Mother and the Addicts and Sluts of Trust.



Hey, that's us!


Cherry Red

One of the oldest-surviving indies, dating to back to 1978, and still putting out an excellent collection of bands. Their catalogue is so vast it is divided up into various series and sub-labels, including El Records and RPM Records.

Artists who have appeared on Cherry Red include Billy Childish, Birthday Party, Buzzcocks, Hang on the Box, It's Jo and Danny, Nico, T-Rex, Television Personalities and Would-Be-Goods and Young Marble Giants.


Cooking Vinyl

Another seasoned label, Cooking Vinyl have been around since the mid-eighties, when Martin and Pete got together and recorded Michelle Shocked onto a clapped-out tape player. The label nearly went bust at the end of the decade, but signed Billy Bragg and The Wedding Present in 1993 and haven't looked back since.

Bands that have appeared on Cooking Vinyl include Echo & the Bunnymen, French Kicks, The Mendoza Line, Bob Mould, Seafood and The Wedding Present.


Damaged Goods

Great London label with over a hundred acts to its name, and showing no signs of letting up the pace.

Bands that have appeared on Damaged Goods include Age of Jets, Buzzcocks, Buff Medways, Cuban Boys, The Headcoats, Helen Love, Homescience, Mika Bomb, The Priscillas, Television Personalities and Thee Michelle Gun Elephant.


Dance to the Radio

Great Leeds-based label responsible for a sold out CD compilation and a series of 7"s, some of which have also sold out.

Artists who’ve released material on DTTR include The Lodger, Napoleon IIIrd, Forward Russia, iliketrains and This Et Al.



Formed in 1980 as a response to the burgeoning punk scene in Washington DC, Dischord has earned great respect for being a fully hands-on label. They also own Southern as a sub-label.

Bands who've appeared on Dischord include French Toast, Fugazi, Minor Threat, Nation of Ulysses and Q and Not U.


Drag City

Pretty legendary Chicago-based label responsible for documenting the city's close-knit experimental musical community of the nineties.

Artists who have appeared on Drag City include Bonny Prince Billy, Broadcast, Faun Fables, Joanna Newsom, Jim O'Rourke, Palace, Papa M, Pavement, Royal Trux, Shellac, Smog, Stereolab and Weird War.



Splitting from Enraptured Records in the mid-nineties, Earworm quickly made a name for themselves by putting out 7"s from the likes of Hood, Damon and Naomi and Yo La Tengo. Head Dom is known for putting out singles by bands he loves as opposed to having long-term signings on the books.

Bands that have released material on Earworm include The Apples in Stereo, The Besnard Lakes, Cranebuilders, Echoboy, Flotation Toy Warning, Gerbils, The Hidden Cameras, Spaceman 3 and Tompaulin.



Great Spanish label eager to stake out signings not only all over Europe, but worldwide too, distributing from the US to Japan and seemingly everywhere in between.

Bands that have appeared on Elefant include Cinerama, Ladybug Transistor, Quickspace, Salako, Sing Sing and Trembling Blue Stars.


Fantastic Plastic

Excellent London-based label with a reputation for sniffing out exciting new bands; a mark of their fine judgement is that they have recently signed the incredible Bearsuit, who release their first album for the label in October. They were also the home of the now sadly split Ikara Colt.

Bands who have released material on FP include Bearsuit, Help She Can’t Swim, Guillemots, Angelica, Astrid and Ikara Colt.


Farm Girl

I don't know much about Farm Girl Records and they don't have a website, but they have released material by Bristol's Hunting Lodge so they must be on to something!

Artists that have released material on Farm Girl include Able Brieman, Average Sound of Whitby and Hunting Lodge.


FF Vinyl

Great Welsh label responsible for releases by several fine Welsh acts including the compilation The North South Divine which features the likes of Texas Radio Band and has become an underground classic.

Artists who have released material on FF Vinyl include International Karate Plus, JT Mouse, Martini Henry Rifles, Gabrielle 25, Texas Radio Band and The Afternoons.


Filthy Little Angels

Fabulous Lancashire and LA-based label whom, during their relatively short existence have released a staggering amount of material by a number of bands, including limited edition demos and the very popular FLA Singles Club split 7" EPs.

Artists who have appeared on FLA include Alice and the Enemies, Mynx, Vichy Government, October All Over, Fairies Band, Swear, Favours, Violets, International Karate Plus, And What Will Be Left of Them, Apedrapeescape, Artichoke, Long Blondes, Boyfriends and the Stereo Morphoneum.


Fortuna Pop!

Wonderful London-based label with a truly faultless roster, featuring some of the greatest bands around today, also responsible for a number of compilations including the Northern Soul covers EP More Soul Than Wigan Casino and the two fantastic festive compilations A Christmas Gift From Fortuna Pop! volumes 1 and 2.

Artists who’ve appeared on Fortuna Pop! include Bearsuit, Saloon, Chemistry Experiment, Milky Wimpshake, Kicker, Butterflies of Love, Airport Girl, Action Time, The Loves, Comet Gain, The Tender Trap, Sportique, Would-Be-Goods, Lucksmiths, The Pines, Aislers Set and Home Science.


Freedom Road Records

New Oxford label founded by Russell, whom runs his own online review site, as well as writing for various paper and online zines.

Bands that have released material on Freedom Road include Compute, Wallpaper Silhouettes and nervous_testpilot.



Fine label run by the man behind the ever-wonderful Gojonnygogogogo all-dayers featuring some of the finest indie bands around. This label has released a series of compilations featuring artists who have performed at the event but have also branched out into 7"s.

Artists who have appeared on Gojonnygogogogo releases Bearsuit, Hyperkinako, Yumi Yumi, Plouf!, Seven Inches, Hello Cuca, I Had An Inkling, Zombina and the Skeletones, Ballboy, Chemistry Experiment and Milky Wimpshake.


Guided Missile

Guided Missile are based in London and have been releasing records since 1994. They also host a monthly club night at the Buffalo Bar, and have more recently been focusing on other projects, including work for the London School For The Blind Progressive and conceiving a television pilot.

Artists that have released material on Guided Missile Recordings include El Hombre Trajeado, Kling Klang, The Rebel and Ricky Spontane.


Happy Capitalist

One of the many fine labels to hail from the UKs number one city for new music Norwich. This label is run by fantastic local band Alto 45 and most of their stuff is released on here as well as material by other excellent artists.

Artists who have appeared on Happy Capitalist include Alto 45, Evader, Teruo, Bearsuit, Folk Orchestra and Lucky Jim.


Happy Happy Birthday To Me

Coming together as a label quite accidentally, Mike was putting together a compilation CD for the Bees' Knees zine and enjoyed doing it so much he decided to start a singles club using the compilation's moniker, Happy Happy Birthday To Me. Despite hailing from Athens in Georgia, the label isn't affiliated with the Elephant 6 community in any way.

In April 2007, Cherryade and Happy Happy Birthday To Me got together to share each other's lovely record collections, and now some of each label's releases are available to buy on the other's site! So, instead of having to wait weeks for a shiny new CD to arrive courtesy of a great label, you can get your mitts on some of HHBTM's finest selections on this very site!

Bands that have released material on Happy Happy Birthday To Me include 63 Crayons, Casper and the Cookies, Men In Fur, Baby Calendar, Red Clock Pony and Boyracer.


Howlback Hum

Yet another fab Norwich label, this time run by local legend, and member of many bands including The Cold Front and The Rebeccas, Shane O'Linski. HBH has recently joined forces with the equally excellent Mummy Where's the Milkman (see further down) to release even more records. HBH has been most famous for it’s two We're From Norwich compilations, featuring the cream of Norwich talent.

Bands featured on HBH releases include Cruiser Chimps, Magoo, Hyperkinako, Violet Violet, Le Tetsuo, El Sub, Bearsuit, Charlotte Morris, Rebeccas, T-Bone Steak, Sadtowns, Cortez, Horses Brawl, Giant Robot and the City of Tokyo, Master Solo, Hoofus, Evader and Cold Front.


Hungry Audio

And yet another Norwich based label, though this one tends to release music by bands from outside of the area (but they are about to release the debut album by acclaimed local university band Sennen). They achieved a coup with their debut release by releasing an EP by ex-Creation legends The Telescopes.

Artists who’ve appeared on Hungry Audio include The Telescopes, My Favourite and Sennen.


Jealous Records

Excellent record shop in Leeds turned label, Jealous Records did very well for themselves by signing This Aint Vegas.

Bands who have appeared on Jealous Records include Bullet Union, Paper Cut Out and That Fucking Tank.


Jonson Family Records

Excellent label responsible for putting out some great records including the bargain-priced Two Minutemen compilations.

Bands that have appeared on Jonson Family Records include Aquavista, Bilge Pump, Blood Red Shoes, Cat On Form, Charlottefield, Econoline, The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg, Trencher and Twinkie.


K Records

The much-loved K was founded in 1982 by Beat Happening frontman Calvin Johnson to help bands around the Washington area. A real DIY label, many of its releases used to be cassette-only, and K still proudly manufactures releases for the tape format.

Artists that have appeared on K Records include All Girl Summer Fun Band, Beat Happening, Kimya Dawson and Yume Bitsu.


Kill Rock Stars

Known most famously as the central hub of the entire riot grrrl movement, this iconic label is still putting out incredible releases from the most important acts around today.

Artists on Kill Rock Stars include Bikini Kill, The Bangs, Deerhoof, Anna Oxygen, The Punks, Call and Response, Sleater Kinney, Paper Chase.



An important label for the Elephant 6 collective of Athens, Georgia, releasing acclaimed records by the likes of Japancakes, Essex Green and Call and Response. Sadly, Kindercore became involved in legal wranglings with their distributor at the start of the decade, which has kept them from putting out any more releases - a real shame. Orange Twin has since taken over responsibility for documenting the work of the Athens bands.

Artists associated with Kindercore include Call and Response, The Essex Green, Japancakes, The Olivia Tremor Control and Vermont.


Kooky Records

English label Kooky have been around since the nineties but have still to make themselves a website, which you wouldn't have thought was too healthy for business!

Artists that have released material on Kooky Records include Formula One, Prolapse, Seafood and Shinkansen.



Chicago-based label famous for its releases of highly-respected American and Canadian bands, Kranky have put out some of the most gorgeous melancholy music ever heard.

Artists that have released material on Kranky include Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Labradford, Low, Jessica Bailiff, Stars of the Lid and Windy and Carl.


Magic Marker

Lovely indie pop label we have to thank for releasing sunny records by the likes of Tullycraft and the All Girl Summer Fun Band.

Bands who've released material on Magic Marker include All Girl Summer Fun Band, Keikki, The Owls and Tullycraft.


Marquis Cha Cha

New label with only two 7" single releases to it's name so far, but definitely one to watch.

Bands who’ve appeared on Marquis Cha Cha include We Start Fires and Bromhead's Jacket.



Legendary label, one of the biggest independents. The bands speak for themselves - Pavement, Yo La Tengo, Mogwai, Cat Power, etc, etc... What more can I say?

Bands who've appeared on Matador include Pavement, Guided By Voices, Sleater Kinney, Mogwai, Belle and Sebastian, Cat Power and Arab Strap.



If there is one label hell-bent on keeping the C86 scene alive, it is Matinee Recordings. Their roster boasts the kind of bands Sarah Records would be proud of, and it's all of an excellent quality too.

Bands that have appeared on Matinee include Airport Girl, The Lucksmiths, The Math and Physics Club, The Pines, Pipas, Razorcuts, Sportique, Tender Trap and Would-Be-Goods.


Memphis Industries

For a label that have only been around for half a dozen years, Memphis Industries have gained a serious reputation for providing the world with some wonderful skewered pop bands. Rising to prominence with their first signing, Blue States, Memphis Industries really hit their stride in 2003 by signing The Go! Team.

Artists who have released material on Memphis Industries include The Go! Team, The Pipettes, Absentee, J Xaverre, Field Music and Blue States.


Metal Queen Projects

Yet another fine Norwich label also involved in putting on gigs in the city and organising the annual Norwich Pop Underground Convention. Run by James Butcher, member of ace local band Postalowa, the label has released some Postalowa material as well as compilations featuring bands who have performed at NPUC. Metal Queen Projectss will be releasing the debut album by hotly tipped local band Giant Robot and the City of Tokyo later this year.

Bands who have released material on MQP include Postalowa and Giant Robot and the City of Tokyo.


Micro Indie

Superb Michigan based label raised from the ashes of Drive In and Quiddity Records. Has a prestigious roster of international signings including Australian pop luminaries such as The Lucksmiths and Sodastream and has also been behind the US releases of albums by Bearsuit and Primary 5, as well as releasing albums by fine American artists.

Artists who have appeared on Micro Indie releases include Icicles, Flower Machine, The Universe, Lucksmiths, Bartlebys, Soda Stream, Bearsuit and Primary 5.


Moshi Moshi

Moshi Moshi hit the jackpot by signing Bloc Party, but show just as much interest in nuturing smaller bands that deserve as much attention.

Bands that have released material on Moshi Moshi include Architecture In Helsinki, Best Fwends, J Xaverre and The Grates.


Mummy Where's the Milkman

Norwich based record releasing partners of Howlback Hum responsible for three very fine 7"s with another on the way and now branching out into CDs with the new CD club.

Artists featured on MWTM? releases include Le Tetsuo, Postalowa, The Cold Front, Hoofus and El Sub.


My Pal God

Jon Solomon started My Pal God records in 1993 as a hobby, but has seen the label grow in stature to the extent that it's now one of the premier indies for creative, DIY bands, and home to some wonderful compilations, such as the My Pal God Holiday Records.

Bands that have released material on My Pal God include Bitter Bitter Weeks, Eyeball Skeleton, Ex-Models, The Goblins and The French Kicks.



New York label that have had the fortune of having The Fall and Sonic Youth on their books, amongst other excellent bands.

Artists that have released material on Narnack include Erase Errata, The Fall, Friends of Dean Martinez and Sonic Youth.


No Concessions

London-based label that put out anything from hardcore punk to indie pop, interested specifically in female, queer and foreign bands.

Bands that have appeared on No Concessions include Blue Minkies, Bratmobile and Flamingo 50.



And, yes, you guessed it, another top Norwich label! Though the artists on their roster can come from as far afield as Suffolk.

Artists featured on NR1 releases include Cortez, My Visor, Alto 45 and Fiel Garvie.


Olive Juice Music

Wonderful US based label dealing primarily with antifolk artists, though this description doesn’t do justice to their excellent variety of artists.

Artists featured on Olive Juice Music releases include Dufus, Prewar Yardsale, Schwervon, Major Matt Mason USA, Pantsuit, Misterlee, Hug A Broomstick, Randy Rouseau, Herman Dune, Babyskins, Your Biggest Fan and Vermont.


Orange Twin

Fantastic Georgia based label run by members of legendary Elephant 6 stalwarts Elf Power, it provides a home for music by E6 related bands and others and also campaigns for local conservation work.

Artists who have appeared on Orange Twin include Elf Power, Late BP Helium, Je Suis France, Gerbils, Pipes You See and Pipes You Don't, Neutral Milk Hotel and Great Lakes.


Paper Bag Records

The label emerged in 2002 after becoming tired of seeing other ones releasing the same tired old guff. Paper Bag welcome music of any type and form.

Artists that have appeared on Paper Bag Records include Controller.Controller, The Deadly Snakes, Fembot and Stars.


Pickled Egg

To call the Pickled Egg roster eclectic is something of an understatement, with bands as diverse as George and A Hawk and a Hacksaw sitting next to each other. And you can get hold of them all on the huge 'Jar' compilation the label have put out.

Artists that have released material on Pickled Egg include A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Bablicon, George, Homescience, Marshmallow Coast and Sodastream.



Entrepeneur, music guru and general legend Alan McGee founded Poptones after the demise of Creation in 1999, and has demonstrated his endurance as a talent spotter ever since. Poptones are really great at keeping the prices of their releases well down; it's not often you see 7" singles at £1.50, and CD albums going for a fiver or less.

Bands that have released material on Poptones include Arnold, Beachbuggy, Captain Soul, El Vez, Ping Pong Bitches and Soho Dolls.


Prank Monkey Records

Specialists of the more imaginative side of the bootleg/mash-up scene (no Baywatch theme vs Phat Planet here), Prank Monkey are also expanding to releasing original material by artists. Owners Nick and Ritchie also run successful music site Culture Deluxe.

Artists that have released material on Prank Monkey include DJ Riko, Enlow Sound Machine and Lemon Lime.


Probe Plus

Home to the mighty Half Man Half Biscuit, Probe Plus hark back to 1970, when Geoff and Annie opened up a tiny shop in Liverpool, and an institute was born. Probe Plus became a label later on, and though the shop was sadly shut down, this part of the franchise has prospered,

Bands who've appeared on Probe Plus include Calvin Party, Half Man Half Biscuit, Kelso and Marlowe.



Very fine Bath based label, now sadly no longer running the very popular Purr club nights but still releasing excellent records.

Artists who have appeared on Purr releases include Hyperkinako, A-Lines, Moonkat, The Fog Band, Gravy Train, Aquavista, The Customers, Hot Puppies, Termites, Sammo Hung and The Dirt Bombs.


Rough Trade

Shouldn’t need any introduction really, has to bear the responsibility of bringing the world The Libertines and The Strokes and countless other duds, but has brought and continues to bring us enough fine music for us to forgive them.

Bands that have appeared on Rough Trade include Beachwood Sparks, The Brakes, British Sea Power, The Decemberists, Baxter Dury, The Fiery Furnaces, Adam Green, The Hidden Cameras, Jefrey Lewis, Low, Moldy Peaches, Phantom Buffalo, Sufjan Stevens, Super Furry Animals and The Unicorns.


Sheffield Phonographic Corporation

Excellent Sheffield based label which works closely with Filthy Little Angels.

Artists featured on SPC releases include Long Blondes, Chuck, Champion Kickboxer and Smokers Die Younger.


Shifty Disco

Truly excellent Oxford based label with a glorious history of releasing fabulous records. The Shifty Disco singles club was a great source of new bands and still exists now, though in download form.

Artists featured on Shifty Disco releases include Persil, Monkey Steals the Drum, Pluto Monkey, Elf Power, Jackdrag, Young Knives, AM 60, Beulah, Nought, Joey Herzfeld, Jason Morphew, Misty's Big Adventure/Grandmaster Gareth, Adventures of Loki and Magoo.


Sickroom Gramophonic Collective

Legendary Norwich based label which really helped to put the city's thriving scene on the map. Sadly no longer releasing records.

Artists featured on SGC releases include Bearsuit, Kaito, Cato, Fiel Garvie, Alto 45, Postalowa, Kid Atom, Fixit Kid and Motel.


Skinny Dog

Fine label run by Manchester band Elbow.

Bands featured on Skinny Dog releases include Superqueens and Cranebuilders.


SL Records

Prestigious Scottish based label whose roster of bands takes in artists from all over.

Artists featured on SL releases include Ballboy, Decoration, Misty's Big Adventure, Desc, Barrichello, Starlets, 55s and Khaya.



Slumberland came about in 1989 when members of DC area bands Velocity Girl, Whorl, Black Tambourine and Powderburns got together at the University of Maryland, inspired by the C86 scene. With the goal of releasing anti-trendy, anti-fashion, anti-mainstream music, Slumberland Records have demonstrated that pop music can be just as powerful and politicised as punk, and have put out some fine records indeed.

Artists that have released material on Slumberland incude 14 Iced Bears, The Aislers Set, Boyracer, Hood and Velocity Girl.


Smalltown America

Based in London, Smalltown America are a DIY collective in the purest form: all their staff are volunteers, there are no contracts, and the label's artists donate 20% of their earnings on any record to help out other artists on Smalltown America.

Artists who are associated with Smalltown America include 65 Days of Static, Adventures of Loki, Alice and the Enemies, Fixit Kid, Fuck-Off Machete, Hyperkinako, Ivory Springer, Jetplane Landing, Love Ends Disaster, Mugstar, Piney Gir, Querelle, Seafood, Seedling, Thee More Shallows, We Will Be Pilots and Zombina and the Skeletones.



Fine UK label started up with the sole purpose of releasing a Candidate EP, before owner Chris realised how addictive this all is. Can't blame him!

Artists that have appeared on Snowstorm include Animals That Swim, The Broken Family Band, Chris T-T, Timothy Victor and Kathryn Williams.



Jack of all trades and a great international label with offices in Chicago and London, Southern are perhaps even more famous as a distributor for many other labels in Europe and America. They also run Southern Studios in London.

Bands that have released material on Southern include Edie Sedgewick, Messer Chups and Shalabi Effect.


Sub Pop

Sub Pop are so legendary half their website is devoted to their history alone. Despite constant emails from fans asking if they can buy the first Nirvana seven-inch, Sub Pop have continued to develop the newest cutting edge acts, and show no sign of slowing up.

Artists that have appeard on Sub Pop include Beachwood Sparks, Beat Happening, The Brunettes, Billy Childish, Iron and Wine, The Jesus and Mary Chain, L7, Love As Laughter, Low, Sebadoh, The Shins, Sleater Kinney, Thee Headcoats, Trembling Blues Stars, The Vaselines and Velocity Girl.



Lovely little label run by Peel favourites Melys (geddit?), situated in the Snowdonian mountain range in a town I couldn't even begin to pronounce.

Bands that have released material on Sylem include Infinity Chimps, Melys and Seedling.



Swansea-based label with some crazy avant-garde acts, including Syd Howells and our very own Steveless, bless 'im.

Artists that have released material on Taffpop include Kento, Syd Howells, Steveless and The Viva Knievils.


Tbilissi Recordings

London label that have released some excellent singles, including a couple from Brighton's Miss Pain.

Artists featured on Tbilissi releases include Miss Pain, Vermont and Wintergreen.



German label for ambient, electronic and experimental music.

Artists that have appeared on Tomlab include Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Final Fantasy and Les Georges Leningrad.


Too Pure

Another legendary label. Too Pure came about after the success of London club night The Sausage Machine prompted Pacific Records worker Paul to team up with Shut Up and Dance Records owner Richard and form a label. Among their first signings were Th'Faith Healers, PJ Harvey and Stereolab; talk about right place, right time!

Artists featured on Too Pure releases include PJ Harvey, Hefner, The Rogers Sisters, Shooting at Unarmed Men, Stereolab and Scout Niblett.


Total Gaylord

Fine American label which released a lovely Xmas compilation last year jammed with super-cute US indie. TG are shortly to release a 7" by rising UK stars The Pipettes in the US.

Artists featured on TG releases include Thee Moths, Icicles, Diskettes and Lil' Hospital.


Track and Field

Immortalised in a song by Belle and Sebastian, Track & Field is a club (sadly now closed) and a fanzine as well as a label, with an incredible catalogue.

Bands that have appeared on Track and Field include Broken Family Band, Dressy Bessy, The Essex Green, Finishing School, Herman Dune, Homescience, Ladybug Transistor, The Loves, Of Montreal, Saloon, The Singing Adams and Tompaulin.


Transformed Dreams

Incredible Amsterdam-based label whose entire back catalogue is pretty much faultless, run by lovely people too! Visit their website now and pick up some great records.

Artists featured on TD releases include Persil, Zea, Suicidal Birds, Seesaw, Space Siren, Seedling, Fonda 500 and Melys.



Fine Australian label.

Artists featured on Trifekta releases include Architecture In Helsinki, Go Betweens and the Decembrists.


Truck Records

Fine Oxford-based label and organisers of the ultra-popular Truck festival as well as the people who run the wonderful online retailer for tons of quality independent music that is www.oxfordmusic.net (and it doesn’t just stock Oxford artists).

Artists featured on Truck releases include Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia, Mark Gardner, Goldrush, Black Nielson and Rock of Travolta.


Unpopular Records

Essex label founded on a love of seven-inches, and putting out as many as they possibly can.

Artists that have appeared on Unpopular Records include The Clientele, Lovejoy and Smoosh.


Wax Fruit

Wax Fruit put together the I'm With Cupid Valentine's Day compilation CD, which compiled some lovely songs by bands from all over the world, including The A-Lines, Bearsuit and The Seven Inches. There was talk of Wax Fruit making a compilation of one-minute songs, but as of yet, nothing has come of it.

Bands that have released material on Wax Fruit include The A-Lines, Bearsuit, The Cut-Outs, The Seven Inches and The Would-Be-Goods.


Where It's At is Where You Are

Another label set up for releasing compilations, Where It's At is Where You Are compiled the Christmas CD 50,000,000 Million Elves Fans Can't Be Wrong, which featured a mixed bag of songs from the UK, USA and Sweden.

Artists that have released material on Where It's At is Where You Are include MJ Hibbett, The Pines, The Rory McBrides and Velodrome 2000.



Leeds label run by Steve and Paul of The Scaramanga 6 and Being 747. The Wrath Super Sevens series is in it's second year, go and order your subscription now to enjoy six 7" singles comprising 12 bands and 12 slices of pure pop perfection.

Artists who have appeared on Wrath include Scaramanga 6, Being 747, Stuffy and the Fuses, The Lodger, Secret Hairdresser, Les Flames, Farming Incident and Instant Species.