Cherryade Releases


Cherryade is delighted to announce that we’d teamed up with fabulous American label Happy Happy Birthday To Me (home of Cherryade favourites Casper and the Cookies, Cars Can Be Blue and Baby Calendar, amongst others) to bring you a selection of some of HHBTM's marvellous releases. Click on the pictures below to see what we have – we only have very limited quantities of each title available, so please make sure you order quickly to avoid disappointment!


HHBTM082: Velcro Stars - Hiroshima's Revenge


HHBTM078: M Coast - Say It In Slang


HHBTM074: Baby Calendar - Gingerbread Dog


HHBTM073: Casper and the Cookies - The Optimist's Club


HHBTM069: Cars Can Be Blue - All the Stuff We Do


HHBTM063: Boyracer - Happenstance


HHBTM060: Bugs Eat Books - Ghosts of Leaves


HHBTM059: Bunnygrunt - Karen Hater's Club


HHBTM058: Casper and the Cookies - Oh!


HHBTM047: Calvin, Don't Jump! - A Way With Birds


HHBTM040: The Loch Ness Mouse - Key West


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Or, if you prefer, you can send a cheque for the amount plus postage, made payable to Cherryade, to the following address:


P.O. Box 78,




FY1 1NQ.

Please remember to include your name, address, and, where necessary, which format you require.

Postage for all items is £1 within the UK; this will be at or below the actual cost, so you can be sure you're getting a fair deal. If you're ordering from abroad and want to know postage rates, or have any other queries, please email us. Happy shopping!