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hearts!attack - "The Universe Divides EP"


Cherryade's 43rd release is the debut EP by the amazing hearts!attack.

“ A cracking piece of lo-fi jangle pop...genuinely excited by these guys” – Subba Cultcha

hearts!attack started when a girl and a boy named Alexis and Darren met in a burrito shop in London on a fresh spring day two years ago. They pretended they were going to form a band but they mostly just ended up sitting in Darren’s bedroom talking about world affairs, eating Indian food and drinking cheap red wine.

When Alexis had to go back to Boston (Massachusetts, not Lincolnshire) where she was from, they decided to see how far they could get in a week. They recorded the few songs they’d written on a laptop – they were about peculiar things like the ghosts of famous dead inventors, snails with magical powers and, y'know, more normal stuff like girls and heartbreak – booked three shows and recruited friends to help them play live. Thus Sam came to join the band on bass. They were rather happy with their progress – people seemed to like them. But alas, Alexis had to go home.  

The band didn’t stop there, though. Using the latest in holographic and telepathinagenic technologies, they’ve continued to make songs and have played two UK tours since, selling all 100 copies of their first self-release EP, "If You Were Dead". Somewhere along the line Jason stepped out of the gloom and dropped into the vacant drum stool. He and Darren fell in love.

What else? Well, hearts!attack also had a Christmas single released (twice!), on two volumes of Cherryade’s annual festive compilation A Very Cherry Christmas and collaborated on a song with Tom Denney (ex-Help She Can’t Swim legend) for a compilation called Between Two Waves put out by Eardrums Pop. Last year they played their first US dates, touring west Massachusetts, Boston and New York – including a slot at NYC Popfest! Since then they’ve been working on new, which they’ve been experimenting with and recording over the last year, culminating in this EP, "The Universe Divides". By the time you’re reading this, they’ll be touring the record, which will take them to London, Bristol, Northampton, Durham, Sheffield and Edinburgh.  

Drawing from their mixed palette of influences – a bit of Elephant 6 here, some Rose Melberg there, stirred in with The Unicorns, sprinkled with Lil Kim, plus a dash of their own special ingredient – they’re ready to conquer hearts and minds all over the universe.

"The Universe Divides" was released on 28th November 2011. Tracklisting is:

1.  The Universe Divides

2.  Drive On

3.  You Are

4.  Spitalian


"The Universe Divides EP" (CD) £5.00



“Rough and jangly with a fantastic energy and some great tunes ” - Eardrums

“Listening to hearts!attack reminds me why I fell in love with music in the first place” – Elegant Chaos