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The Bobby McGee's - 'S'Amuser Com Des Fous'


Cherryade is delighted to present to you the long overdue and highly anticipated second release by The Bobby McGee's: "S'Amuser Com Des Fous" (CHY012) was be released on Monday 26th November 2007 on pretty blue 7" vinyl (distributed through Cargo) and features six of the best tracks you'll hear all year.

In the summer of 2006 The Bobby McGee’s released their first home-recorded EP on Cherryade and were soon taking the world by storm, wowing audiences and winning fans wherever they went. 2007 has seen the band continue on their path to world domination with continuous airplay on Radio 1 courtesy of Huw Stephens and Rob Da Bank, an appearance on French TV, features in the NME and Plan B, and show-stopping performances at a number of festivals including Latitude, Bestival, Indie Tracks and Sweden’s Emmaboda.

The Bobby McGee’s hail from Brighton and are one of the most exciting bands around today with their inspired ukulele-loaded tweecore, fabulous costumes and the kind of songs that most bands can only dream of. They have been described variously as "domestic violence with ukuleles" (Totally Bored), "creators of tweecore" (Source Magazine), and "Dostoyevsky doing Lonnie Donnigan" (Everett True), but this doesn’t quite sum up their genius so have a listen to their EP and form your own opinion!

The six songs on offer here are lovely, heart-warming, simple, complex, happy, sad, and slightly sinister all at the same time. The sweet melodies are set off by Jimmy and El's unique vocal interchange, singing love songs one minute and spitting poison the next, dealing with issues including love, French cinema, regret, flower-stealing gangs and sleeping with the postman to name but a few; plus it features one of the greatest Christmas songs ever recorded, which should hopefully give Sir Cliff a run for his money this festive season!

"S'Amuser Com De Fous'' was released on November 26th 2007. As a special treat to celebrate the release of their new album, L'Appropriation Bourgoisie de la Bobby McGee's, we're putting on a very special offer: buy the debut album and "S'Amuser Com Des Fous" together for just £12! Bargain! Tracklisting is:

1.   When Father Died, Ferrets Licked Away the Tears

2.   Sussex Uni Solipsists Society

3.   Danny Baker / Bob Marley

4.   Kafkaesque / Kafkan

5.   CoalMine Kampf 1984

6.   Au Suivant!


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S'Amuser Com Des Fous (7") £4.00



L'Appropriation Bourgoisie de la Bobby McGee's


S'Amuser Com Des Fous





DJs that have played tracks from the EP include:

Rob da Bank (Radio 1)

Huw Stephens (Radio 1)

Steve Lamacq (Six Music)

Tom Robinson (Six Music)

Jon Kennedy (XFM)

Nic Treadwell (Homegrown Podcast)

Marcelle van Hoof (Another Nice Mess)