Cherryade Records


Forest Giants - 'Planes Fly Overhead'

Continuing where the band's previous releases - 2003's "Closure" EP, 2004's In Sequence album and 2005's "UFO Stories" EP - left off, 'Planes Fly Overhead' sees Bristol's Forest Giants further develop their striking, jubilant sound. Combining the fuzzy, noisy energy off frontman Tim's other band, the quietly legendary Beatnik Filmstars, with a grand, sweeping melody and euphoric harmonies, 'Planes Fly Overhead' brilliantly captures the enthusiasm and sheer catchiness of their forthcoming new album, Welcome to the Mid-West, released on Cherryade in mid-April.

'Planes Fly Overhead' was a download-only single and was officially released on March 6th 2006. Tracklisting is:

1.  Planes Fly Overhead

2.  Pick Up the Pieces

3.  Gone Away


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