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Ste McCabe - 'Pink Bomb'


Cherryade's fifteenth release is by Manchester's very own queer pop-punkster, Ste McCabe, and the songs that make up his debut EP "Pink Bomb" have been picking up increasing acclaim from admirers throughout the country. Blending big punk guitars and 80s-style beats with a snarling, sarcastic view of the world, "Pink Bomb" is five tracks of homophobe-baiting, pro-feminist, anti-church, fun and angry pop music you just can't resist dancing to.

Ste McCabe is rallying against the walking clichés in the gay village as much as venting his anger against the rest of the world. Be prepared for the many rants of Ste McCabe cos soon you wont be able to escape it –  Designer Magazine

Sarcastic, in-yer-face, witty punk-pop from a gay scouser with a chip on his shoulder and a drum machine by his sideBeatYourArtOut

The CD EP was released on February 21st 2008. Tracklisting is:

1.  Huyton Scum

2.  Rant

3.  See You In Hell

4.  One Step Too Far

5.  Selling Beauty


Pink Bomb (CD) £4.00



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