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Steveless - Mistakes in all the Right Places


Get Steveless in your life ASAP. I did and I feel ten times better already. If a bit deafer. Whisperin' and Hollerin'

Cherryade is proud to announce its 11th release, the second album by Bristol super-group Steveless, Mistakes In All The Right Places, a glorious splash of noisy pop set to be one of the albums of the summer. Mistakes In All The Right Places (CHY011) is the follow-up to 2005's Popular Music In Theory (CHY001), which was our first release as a label. It saw the band garnering huge critical acclaim and international airplay, hailed in various quarters as a truly essential noise-pop masterpiece. The tracks on Mistakes In All the Right Places are brimming with effervescent pop hooks, frenetic guitar work, synth bleeps, and are all topped off with Dan Newman’s distinctive, expressive vocals. Aside from being available to buy here, it will also be distributed through Cargo and so will be available from all good record shops and via iTunes. To find out more about Steveless, please visit and

An extraordinary tantrum of fury and noise - The Mag

An unstructured mess of sound reminiscent of a four year old's temper tantrums, but still this is infectious; it's easy to hear what the trained ear of Mr. Peel heard. In a nutshell, this is exhilarating. 10/10 - Atomic Duster

Comfortingly horrific - Drowned in Sound

Mistakes in all the Right Places was released on August 6th 2007. Tracklisting is:

1.   On a dream about Yul Brynner as a Robotic Cowboy like he was in the film West World

2.   Paz

3.   To Hell with Boring

4.   I don't know why but recently I've gone to feel all apologetic for so much of my life sat in my bedroom reading (I guess I should stop watching so much tele, I mean my life could never be as exciting as the folk who go on that Big Brother)

5.   Homework

6.   The Obligatory Love Song

7.   Don't Have an Existential Crisis on me Rhys

8.   Steveless is a Bad Friend

9.   Patience

10.   Robots in the Rain

11.   Pass the Shoe

12.   Teatime


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Steveless - Mistakes in all the Right Places (CD) £8.00



DJs that have played tracks from the album include:

Huw Stevens (Radio 1)

Nic Treadwell (Homegrown Podcast)