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Hug Party - Life Is Good


Cherryade is delighted to present its 40th release, the long-awaited debut album by Manchester’s finest queer hip-hop duo, Hug Party.

Hug Party are a queer two piece rap phenomenon from Manchester, UK. Digicore and Rosey Pony started the band in Rockhampton, Australia while living in a van and having pneumonia in 2006, and have since played gigs across the UK, Europe and the US, including show-stopping performances at Ladyfest Bordeaux and Ladyfest Manchester.

They play ‘hip-pop’ and rap in their own northern English accents. The songs are about hot fat women, love and correcting sexist/homophobic graffiti. Hug Party don’t pretend to fit into hip hop culture and this means that they talk about their actual lives, not a cliqued idea of 'keeping it real'; they also strive to challenge the homophobia and sexism which is so common in hip hop whilst still making music that makes you want to dance.

If rap karaoke were a real genre Hug Party would be at the top.

They've come a long way since plugging a Yamaha keyboard into the cigarette lighter and hitting 'go' 4 years ago, and their debut album Life Is Good perfectly encapsulates the infectiously catchy beats and honest, heartfelt and often hilarious lyrical content fans of the duo have come to expect. Life Is Good was released on May 16th 2010 and is available on very limited edition CD direct from this page as well as all major digital retailers.

Tracklisting is:

1.  Dumb

2.  Hot and Bendy

3.  Life Is Good

4.  Why Won't You Let Me Go Party?

5.  Good 4 Them

6.  P.A.R.T.Y.

7.  Don't Ask Me

8.  Tasty Ladies

9.  So You Think We're Twee?

10.  Dance Like It Doesn't Matter


Life Is Good (CD) £6.00