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Tall Pony - 'I'm Your Boyfriend Now'


Cherryade is delighted to announce its tenth release, the "I'm Your Boyfriend Now" single from the much talked-about Tall Pony. In the autumn of 2006 Huw Stephens played a song by a duo from Cheltenham called Tall Pony on his BBC Radio 1 unsigned show. The duo made up of Tony Gage & Paul Towey had recorded the song 3 years previously and were unprepared for the public reaction that followed their first national airplay, and which led to them having the surprise underground hit of the year on their hands. Huw Stephens was inundated with e-mails from listeners asking about the song, where could they get it, how could they find out more about the band, and “I’m Your Boyfriend Now” duly became the show’s most requested song of the year. Despite their elusiveness the band began to build up a following of high profile fans at Radio 1, including Rob Da Bank and Colin Murray; not bad for a band that hadn’t played a single gig or released a record! In December they played their first ever gig at the BBC Maida Vale studios at Huw Stephens’ Christmas party in front of a live studio audience. This session was then broadcast on Huw’s Radio 1 show, and at the end of 2006, Tall Pony reached number 1 in the annual Festive Fifty countdown (in its first year on internet station Dandelion Radio), one of the few unsigned bands ever to achieve this. “I’m Your Boyfriend Now” is a darkly funny satire on the selfish, misogynistic side of relationships and is brilliantly observed, uncomfortably true to life, and the sinister delivery of the lyrics delivers horror and amusement in equal measures, topping off  a sleazy atmospheric musical backdrop. The result is a unique and memorably twisted pop song sure to be one of the hits of 2007. Paul and Tony met at Cheltenham Art College in 1983 and played together (with Richard Bowers and Mike Brookes) in Ha-Ha the Electorate and Grenade until 1987. Geography dictated that they pursued their music independently, either making music with other bands, chiefly Radioactive Sparrow for Tony, or alone, as Paul did. In 2002 they began to work together on music again - initially in a remote way through sending lyrics to one another; and then making a recording and sending it back; a competitive element was to write nastier and nastier words. The following year they actually started recording together in Paul's house; one of the resulting tracks from the first session was “I'm Your Boyfriend Now.” There were 3 Saturday afternoon sessions over a period of 12 months, which produced 30 songs. Whilst cataloguing this material in September 2006, Paul sent “I'm Your Boyfriend Now,” “because I thought the track was too good to keep a secret,” to Radio 1's Huw Stephens. The name Tall Pony was “just something I came up with to have something to put on the demo CD cover,” explains Paul; surprised with the reaction and attention, they hastily created a myspace page,, which quickly became full of messages from people asking where they could download or get a CD of “I'm Your Boyfriend Now” - well now you lucky people need look no further, because the single is released here on Cherryade! At the end of 2006, "I'm Your Boyfriend Now" was voted runaway winner of the Dandelion Radio official Festive Fifty, cementing its reputation as one of the biggest underground cult hits in recent memory. Needless to say, we expect this to shift like those proverbial hot-cakes; I wouldn't spend too long thinking about getting hold of a copy!

"I'm Your Boyfriend Now" was released on July 2nd 2007. Tracklisting is:

1.   I'm Your Boyfriend Now

2.   Big Guns

3.   I Hate Your Family


Cherryade are pleased to announce that the new Tall Pony single is now being distributed through Cargo, which means it can be ordered from most record shops (including chain stores) across the UK; it can also now be downloaded from iTunes!


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Tall Pony - 'I'm Your Boyfriend Now' (CD) £3.00



DJs that have played the single include:

Huw Stevens (Radio 1)

Rob da Bank (Radio 1)

Colin Murray (Radio 1)