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The Lovely Eggs - "Food"


It's impossible not to let it overpower you, scribble rude words on your face in permanent marker and leave you grinning like a twat - Drowned in Sound

Once again northern psych punks The Lovely Eggs return in a splatter of noise with new single ‘Food’. Following hot on the trail of their awesome Too Pure release ‘Allergies’. Holly and David are back, bringing their brand of insanity into your homes, onto your radios and through your favourite venues.

Gearing up for yet more shows, more shouting, more laughing, probably some crying and definitely more drinking The Lovely Eggs have delivered their catchiest bout of dementia yet. ‘Food’ encapsulates everything that is exciting about punk rock, douses it in psychedelic, freak out refrains then tosses petrol on it and sets it on fire. An ode to masticating together, chowing down and gorging ourselves in the most disgraceful manner

'Food' is yet another reason The Lovely Eggs should be crawling around in everyone's ears. From their distinctive fuzzed out guitar sound to the breakneck drums and Holly’s individual vocal delivery ‘Food’ is a joyous romp through the joys of sharing. Be it dreams, food or going slightly off the rails. Taking the mundane and twisting it on it’s head, finding something to shout about in the ordinary.

The Lovely Eggs are a rallying point for anyone that sees life for what it is. A mess. A wonderful, car crash of experiences, greeting each new chance with a cheeky grin, a sneer and a big fuck you to the pricks. With new single ‘Food’ The Lovely Eggs deliver yet more of the lunacy that makes them so compelling, fun and essential, tuck in.

The Lovely Eggs hit the road in support of ‘Food’ around the UK on May 3rd - find out about where they're playing on the band's website.

Food b/w In Watermelon Sugar was released on May 14th 2012. Tracklisting is:

1.  Food

2.  In Watermelon Sugar


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"Food" (7") £3.00