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Candy Panic Attack - 'Fruit is Nature's Candy'


Cherryade is delighted to present its 13th release – unlucky for some but not for us! – the debut EP by London's Candy Panic Attack. "Fruit Is Nature’s Candy" (CHY013) released on glorious bright pink 7" vinyl on Monday 26th November, available from all good record shops, distributed by Cargo, and also from this page. It features 6 short sharp blasts of candy pop genius and is limited to only 500 copies, so be sure to get your hands on one before they’re all gone!

Candy Panic Attack is Mina on guitar, K on bass, and Helen on drums. Fuelled by chaos, sweets and tea, with a collective love for 2-minute hit and run punk pop songs, CPA are the perfect antidote to boring over-produced three songs per half hour indie schmindie bands. So far, Candy Panic Attack have had tracks featured on Squirrel Records’ Nut Bopping Whoppers compilation, on our own A Very Cherry Christmas. Vol. 2, and have been winning praise for their sugar rush pop from all over. They are also due to have a track featured on a forthcoming compilation from Manchester’s Female Trouble collective and will be playing dates throughout the country in December; catch them if you can! For more details, please visit

Y'know all this bollocks going on at the moment about these indie bands being 'straight talking' because they talk about putting out the bins in their songs? Well they should listen to these lot - snotty punks, a real English accent and instruments played brilliantly haphazardly! –  Shadowplay

These 3 tracks of lo-fi riot grrrl punk rock resemble a grungier version of Helen Love, and mighty fine they are too. Fans of The Slits, Bikini Kill and the like, are sure to enjoy the short, sharp ditties by this tasty three piece Noisy Zine

"Fruit is Nature's Candy" was released on November 26th 2007. Tracklisting is:

1.   What's He Got That I Haven't [video]

2.   Operator

3.   Heartbreaker

4.   I Didn't Do It

5.   Spending Time With You

6.   Lonely Life At Sea


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Fruit is Nature's Candy (7") £4.00



DJs that have played tracks from the EP include:

Nic Treadwell (Homegrown Podcast)

Marcelle van Hoof (Another Nice Mess)