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Cherryade - A Very Cherry Christmas volume 9


"In a parallel universe, would be number one on Top of the Pops" - The Independent

"The best thing to happen to Christmas since sprouts – I should point out that I love sprouts!" - Artrocker

Cherryade is delighted to present the ninth volume of our annual
festive compilation A Very Cherry Christmas, and, as usual, we bring
you a Santa’s sack bulging with a bumper 21 audio festive treats from the likes of Dressy Bessy, Piney Gir, The Bobby McGee's, John Shuttleworth, and many, many more!

Due to the popularity of our Christmas albums all over the world, it has become increasingly difficult to cover costs sending the CDs oversees by charging the same amount as within the UK; with this in mind we hope you'll understand that for orders overseas, P&P will be £2, so please click on the second order button below if you are outside the UK - your order will not be sent if you don't have the right amount of postage. Wherever you live, AVCC9 is still only £6. And, on the subject of overseas orders, please note that we (Cherryade) will be away from out offices for most of December (on holiday!), which means that to ensure your CD arrives in time for Christmas, the last order dates will be Sunday 8th December outside the UK and Thursday 19th December within the UK, otherwise we can't guarantee they'll be sent off before the last postage dates for Christmas.

Anyway! With that rather long preamble out of the way, A Very Cherry Christmas 9 is exclusively available from the Cherryade website only; it is to be released on December 2nd 2013 and the CD will only be available direct from this page below - it is available to pre-order now!

Tracklisting for this year's piece of Yuletide joy is:

1. Dressy Bessy - Hopped Up (On Xmas)

2. John Shuttleworth - The Christmas Orphan

3. Otalgia - Empty Boxes

4. David Leach - Handmade Christmas

5. Sonic The Comic - Spend Christmas Day With Me

6. The Bobby McGee's - Ho F'n Ho

7. Dog Legs - Not Just Fo' Christmas (Christmas Serf)

8. Paraffins - Band Of Snow (Drifted)

9. Piney Gir - Christmas Time

10. MJ Hibbett & The Validators - Thank Goodness For Christmas

11. Chalk And Numbers - Happiness This Time Of Year

12. I Like The Go Go - Xmas Song No1

13. Radio Orwell - Last Christmas

14. Velodrome 2000 - Christmas Sucks

15. No Cars - X'masu de itadakimasu

16. The Horses of Instruction - Godfather Christmas

17. Woog Riots - Under The X-Mas Treeee

18. The Pocket Gods - Silent Night

19. Partly Llama - Fallen Angel

20. The Pocket Gods - Bernard Matthews Turkey Zombie Revenge

21. Moss & Jones - Gaudete


Various - A Very Cherry Christmas volume 9 (CD) £6.00 - UK ONLY


Various - A Very Cherry Christmas volume 9 (CD) £6.00 - OUTSIDE UK