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Rachael is told Cherryade Records is Huw Stevens' Label of the Year 2006


About this site:

My name is Rachael and I host a show playing underground music on the Lancaster student radio station Bailrigg FM.
I also run a record label called Cherryade Recordings, which you will also find details of on this site.

I’ve been a life-long music lover, always looking for new and exciting but underexposed music and I’ve wanted for a long time to put together a handy online guide to all of my favourite bands and labels.

On this sight you’ll find biographies, discographies and related links for thousands of bands and hundreds of labels. The bands included come from a range of musical genres, lo-fi, tweecore, antifolk, Norwichcore, bubblegum, electro pop, riot grrrl, electronica, indie pop and countless others, what unites all the bands and labels mentioned on this site is their commitment to making and releasing fantastic music. If you notice any mistakes or omissions on this site them please e-mail me at queries@cherryademusic.co.uk.

I’ll do my best to keep this site as up-to date as possible but if you know of new bands who I should be including and who fit in with the ethos of this site then please let me know about them.

Here is a list of just some of the lovely people who’ve helped us in all sorts of ways and who are just generally lovely! Check out their websites.

Cherryade loves…



They put on gigs by incredible artists such as Bearsuit, Envelopes, Persil, Jeff Lewis, Decoration, Mika Bomb, We Start Fires, Being 747, Chemistry Experiment, Telescopes, VCs, A Hawk and A Hacksaw, Vichy Government, Suicidal Birds, The Violets, Scout Niblett, Dufus + many many more and they’re putting on our wonderful Cherryade label launch night (see news page)! They are dedicated to putting on fantastic music in the Lancaster area and have truly succeeded in turning the place into a real live music hot spot!


Dan/Steveless for letting us put out the work of sheer genius that is the album.


Matt at Hi-fi Copies (www.hificopies.com), he’s made a lovely job of the Steveless album (see Cherryade releases section) and he's really friendly and helpful, should be your first port of call for all your CD producing needs!


Danny Prescott (http://www.myspace.com/brewdadaart) has designed our lovely Cherryade flyers, which you'll soon be able to download from the news page, and which we'll soon be giving out to lucky passers by! They look absolutely incredible, don’t they?


My lovely boyfriend Adam who has put together this incredible website and has just generally sorted everything out.